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40 Colors Sewing Machine Embroidery Thread Set - 300 yard spool

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40 Beautiful Vibrant Color spools of thread made of high quality Polyester and suitable for your Sewing Machine. Each spool has a 300 yards length. An economical set that is even holding up to chlorine bleach.Compatible with all machines.

This set of 40 Polyester Embroidery Thread Spools comes in beautiful colors to  brighten up all your masterpieces. This set is so popular because it provides an effect similar to rayon. It won’t shrink, fade, or bleed, so it’s great for children’s clothes. 

The color fastness of the thread is superb. It can withstand laundering, chlorine bleach and any other harsh chemicals. Polyester is known for its ability to hold its colors really well when compared to other threads which makes it a preferred choice.

! An essential embroidery supply !